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3 Unique Ways to Increase Email Marketing Conversion Rates

Both professional and personal internet users rely heavily on email, all over the world. Email marketing is about open rates and most importantly, conversion rates.

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Competition for customers among online retailers is growing stronger day-by-day. This article covers at the steps you need to implement to increase conversion rates of your email campaigns:

Be personal

Let’s be honest – many people don’t want to read long emails full of corporate information.

The best solution is to make your emails sound like it is coming from you or someone in the company. Go one step further and add the reply to the address as the same person, encourage replies and start a discussion with your customers by email! There is no more personal remedy than that.

Bulk Email Marketing

Some brands rely heavily on this strategy. In those emails, there’re no email templates and promotional images – only the source email.

Email is only designed to communicate with each other. Remember that, why should your company’s email be any different?

Tell a story

Storytelling is a powerful marketing tactic, because well-written narratives reflect the same with the reader. Storytelling is a great way to invest readers in what you’re saying. This is important if they want to reach the call-to-action that is strategically placed at the end of the story.

For instance, Noah Kagan and his OkDork marketing newsletter.

Customize the subject line, sender name, and offer great content

Once you’ve your list sorted, then you need to figure out the best way to approach your subscribers. Your subject line, sender’s name, and the quality of the content are all the factors that determine your recipients’ reactions to your campaign.

Bulk Email Marketing

The first thing the recipient will notice when receiving an email is the sender’s name. So your emails should be identifiable. The personal sender’s name is better than the company email address.

The subject line is as important as your sender’s name. The following principles may help you to design a successful subject line:

  • Write a short and descriptive subject lines.
  • Introduce an elements of passion, urgency, relevance, value or emotion – each of which can have different effects on your open and conversion rates.
  • Customize your subject lines and/or add local information.
  • Use the preview text as an extension of your subject line to add more relevance and interest.

Once you entice recipients with your inviting subject line and preview text, offer them your compelling content. Depending on the goal of your email campaign, the type of content you write should be. Of course, your content should be tailored to the lists you send.