6 Search Tips that the advertisers should use to enjoy Travel Advertising Success

6 Search Tips that the advertisers should use to enjoy Travel Advertising Success

With the onset of spring and summers, the travelers and tourists look for new destination where they can go on a trip or a holiday to unwind or relax. The travel sales rise up to a great extent during the peak seasons. Now in order to reap the benefits of the biggest share during the seasonal rise in the sales, there are a few things that a marketer needs to take care of. Primarily there are 6 prominent tips that can equip each and every marketer in the best possible way so that they can create a travel campaign accordingly and in the best possible manner.

Allocating the budgets and planning the campaigns

Summers and winters are two seasonable peaks as the searches related to travel increases tremendously during these two seasons of the year. The summer peak usually starts from June and continues till August whereas the winter peak continues till January from December. You need to make two different plans and budgets for two seasons and keep them ready. Once you are ready and prepared, it will be easier for you to establish a connection with all the tourists and travelers who are booking, planning and researching their vacations including summer and winter.

  1. Taking Advantage of high CTRs

When people search or plan for a vacation, they usually opt for specific online travel aggregator websites, also known Targeting the travelers who book at the last minuteas OTA websites. Now the click through rate is believed to be 11-16 percent for laptop or desktop searches and 14-19 percent for the searches related to online travel aggregators. These results can only indicate one thing, the tendency of the users to click on the search ads while looking for the online travel aggregators. Now the advertisers should bid on their own brands which would result in increase in the click yield of their brands and a decline in the brands of the competitors.

  1. Targeting the travelers who book at the last minute

Lodging the campaigns should be targeted to the consumers who make their bookings at the very last minute. In most of the cases, the travelers make bookings in the last hour or a week before and therefore the advertisers should take an advantage of this opportunity and use it for their own benefit. There are various tools and plugins like rank tracker, keyword position checker and serp checker to ensure that the campaigns are done successfully or not. These plugins help the advertisers to learn about the rankings of the online travel aggregators as well, which in turn help them to strategize their advertising campaign better.

  1. Cross device campaigns-making the most of them

Most of the travelers who plan their trips and holidays take help of the search engines mostly. Therefore, using various plugins like rank tracker or keyword position checker along with serp checker, the advertisers can easily figure out the keywords that are more commonly used and the websites they lead the users to. This in turn helps the advertisers to plan accordingly. However, the advertisers need to make sure that they connect with the travel searches. The ad copy and campaigns should be tailored in such a way so that they can reach consumers on various devices such as tablets, pcs, mobiles, etc.

  1. Catering to the mobile users

A lot of people plan their entire trip using their smart phones and therefore the advertisers are supposed to prepare mobile ads and keep them ready so that they can be reached out to the local tourists. Adding the call extensions Catering to the mobile usersalong with the location is essential so that they help the user to contact you easily for making reservations or acquiring more information. The focus, therefore should be on creating mobile friendly websites so that the relevant traffic gets driven to your website.

  1. Make the travelers extend their trip

Many people often end up extending their holiday by a day or two or may be longer than that. Now the secret is to lure the travelers and to inspire them using great ad campaigns and copy ads so that they cannot resist the temptation to stay a bit longer than their planned trip. This will benefit the advertisers to a great extent.

2015 is considered one of the best years for the travel and tour industry. The advertisers can totally make the most of this situation and reap maximum benefits. All they need to do is plan their ad campaign properly so that they can increase their chances of getting noticed by the customers. With the help of little luck, favorable situations and climatic conditions, not just the travels and tour industry, the advertisers too can have a great year. Understanding the customers is the key to success and therefore the advertisers should make sure that they understand the requirements of the customers properly.