A Complete Guide for Creating Awesome Visual Content

A Complete Guide for Creating Awesome Visual Content

Visual content is the most cherished means of online expression. It has become the prime strategy of promotion online which is adopted by various companies and firms. Visual content includes pictures, videos, animation etc. which used to describe various web contents, products and many brands. Hence, it becomes important to study the methods of visual content with the help of various software available.

Importance of Visual Content:

Visual content is the running currency in the digital world. It has changed the online the market culture. About 63 percent of the online content is visual one. It is easy to understand and instantly impresses the online users. Visual images get viral on the net within seconds because they are not only viewed by people but also shared by them. People like the visual mode of information expressed rather than the lengthy textual contents. Also the contents having visuals get about 94 percent of the viewer acknowledgement. Apart from the visual posts on Facebook, tweets Impact of the Visual Content on the Human Braintweeted on twitter along with pictures, receive about 150 percent retweets.

Impact of the Visual Content on the Human Brain:

The Human brain is a visual freak. It understands faster through visual information. This is because the Human processes the visuals 60,000 times faster than that it does with the text content. Hence people prefer visual images over text as it is easy to understand and saves their time.

Types of Visual Content:

There are various types of visual content available online. They are as follows:


These are one of the most seen form of visual content. Marketers and graphic designers create videos of their products. They narrate the story in a way that impacts the viewer. These are shared on YouTube and Vimia. They are easily available to the youth and can be shared.

Impressive Photography:

Today the web is full of pictures which are a master piece of photography. They not only catch eye of the viewer but also convey the information in a creative way. These photos are easy to share and thus are an important aspect of the promotion strategy of the online marketers. Photos in google search, Instagram, Flickr, Facebook etc. form part of this type of visual content.


Awesome Info graphicsThis is a means of visual content in which people take a snapshot of their or somebody else’s visuals and shares them with others.

Info graphics:

These are the graphical representation of information which is used by marketers to promote their brand. It is either very long or is the size of a byte.


Comics and cartoons are another important tool that is used to convey fruitful as well as important messages to the society. These have a greater impact on the minds of the people.

Data Visualization:

It is a form of Visual content in which information is conveyed by the means of charts and graphs. They are useful to display company statics, share bazaar state etc.


A meme is a carrier of a culture or idea. It spreads from person to person on the internet. Posts on Facebook, twitter etc. contain memes to effectively convey information that will create an awareness among the people.

Tools that aid in Visual Content creation:

There are various useful tools available that help designers to create impressive visual contents. They are described as follows:

Tools that aid in Visual Content creationPhotoshop:

It is the most popular visual content creating software. It has simple features which if learned properly will help you to create impressive visual content.

Place It:

It helps you to create effective visual content that will help you in case of promoting any brand. There are stock photos and background pics available that will enhance your photos.


It has easy features that help you to create visuals from a scratch. Many people, especially the non-designers, rely on this tool.

Tips to Create an Impressive Visual Content:

Here are simple tips to create an outstanding Visual image:

Use grids:

Tips to Create an Impressive Visual ContentIf you want to create effective images that will have a professional impact, then make use of grids while designing. They help in framing the photo and also make it look good.

Use of suitable Filter:

They create a consistent effect of the image. They help in the enhancement of the images taken from the web.

Choose the right colour palette:

In order to make your visual impressive as well as attractive, you need to make use of the right colours to attract the viewers. Hence, you must choose an effective colour palatte.

Use of Consistent Font and a Striking Picture:

You can further enhance your visual content by keeping the font consistent throughout. Also, you can use a striking picture that will create a greater impact on the minds of the viewer.

Thus, the knowledge of Visual content, tools used and some useful tips, can help you to create effective visual content.