Ab exercises with the extra pressure with weights

Ab exercises with the extra pressure with weights

Many a people are suffering from the obesity and thus it is required to lose weight as much as possible. Obesity is growing at a fast rate and thus needs to be checked as it may bring many other diseases to our body. And so the necessity of the exercises comes into the fact and should be done by everybody. It keeps our body healthy and also fine so that you may not be attacked with any other diseases further. Besides, you will get a good figure which will also look you attractive and your personality will change a lot.

Regimen for exercise to burn fat or for muscular body

Regimen for exercise to burn fat or for muscular bodyBut exercising is not a matter of joke and you cannot do it in any way as you want to. You need to do the exercises following the regimen and thus need the proper training of the trainer. Everybody has a fatty layer on the any part of the body and hence needs to be burned by different types of exercises. And our abdomen is a portion which deposits much of our body fat in it. So the ab exercises with weights should be done to get the fat burned out. And that should be done under proper instructions. Among these exercises the ab exercises with ankle weight is popular as it provided much resistances to your abdomen and thus the strength is being improved. This also helps you to add resistance power which is a great way to increase the muscle power. Thus using dumbbells, various ankle weights are common for the gym goers.

Some of the instruction is being mentioned here. Like in reverse crunches with weight. You have to wrap the ankle weight around the legs and keep them in proper place. Lie on the back with the feet off the floor and the hands on Bicycle crunches adding ankle weightboth the sides. Moving from the lower body get the knees near to your chest. Lift the pelvis as you twist your spine towards your head. I this position hold for few seconds and then again go back to previous position. Repeat it again in the same way.

Bicycle crunches adding ankle weight

Bicycle crunches with weights is another ab exercises with weights. Lie on your back and keep the bent hips likely at 90 degree. Put the hands behind your head. With the body bending, bring the left ankle near to your right elbow and the vice versa with the right knee and left elbow. Thus it will be done continuous in a speed. Slowly you have to increase the weight and thus start from 1 pound weight.

Most of these exercises may be common to you as they are very similar to exercises which are common to the exercises without any kind of weight. Thus taking weight is just adding some extra pressure which will work on the ab muscle. But you must stop using any kind of weight if you experience any severe pain in your body muscle. Do the exercises you a little weight first and then slowly increase the weight as you practice them more.