Acne and Home Remedies – the way for health skin

Acne and Home Remedies – the way for health skin

Is there anyone in the world who never cares about their skin? Definitely no; both men and women has great concern for their skin. The most unfortunate factor is even though everyone shows great concern for their skin care, many gets exposed to various skin diseases. Especially acne is a most common skin problem found in many across the world. According to the recent survey, it is stated that the health of skin depends upon the food taken in routine life. Expert’s in medical industry also states that the food habit of a person can be easily calculated through their skin. Food for acneThis means that eating healthy food will help will avoiding various skin problems like pimples, acne, blackheads and other skin issues.


This is considered to be one of the common problems experienced by the younger generation. Commonly it is stated that pimples occurs at the time of maturity in human body. In some cases, they disappear after certain interval of time and but unfortunately in some cases, they remain as deep black marks in skin and spoils their entire beauty. Even though there are various solutions to get rid of acne and its problems, the home remedies are to be followed. Here come few food habits which will help in solving the problems of acne right from home. These are not only the solution, but taking the following food habits will help in preventing the effects of acne to a greater extent.

Food for acne

Here are the top five food supplements which help in preventing acne and as well as leads to the healthy life style

Green leaves

Green leaves can be stated as the best food which is healthier than any other food in the market. it is clinically proven that eating green leaves like broccoli, cabbage and other green leaves makes the skin shinny and beautiful. And obviously green leaves are the food items which occupies the major diet of beauticians all over the world. This is Green leavesbecause the rich anti oxidant present in green leaves boost up the skin health. They are high rich in vitamins and minerals which provides additional glow to the skin. Taking green leaves regularly will also prevent wrinkles and dark spots in skin.


The first and foremost suggestion given by many skin doctors in current scenario is to intake more water. Taking water will help in eliminating the waste cells from the body. This in turn makes the live cells active and provides good glow to the skin. Water also helps in healing the irritations which may occur because of the skin problem. In case any damage to the skin, the skin cells will be in need of more water content to heal their damage. Thus, intake of more water will help in healing the damaged cells quickly.


It can be stated that eating carrot is one of the traditional method preferred from bygone days for maintaining healthy skin. Eating more carrot will greatly reduces the effects of acne. They will also make the skin brighter and smoother.


Berries contain various skin secrets which will help in curing the problems of acne. It is considered as the good source of riboflavin which adds more strength to the skin.

Grape fruit

Eating more fruits usually supports heath skin, but grapes are considered as the most apt fruit to maintain skin healthy. The secret of this fruit greatly lies on their citrus content which is the most essential factor for skin. These substances will help in removing the blackheads easily from the skin.

Proper and healthy intake of food will greatly reduces the effects of acne. The only aspect to be noted is the food habit must be followed regularly without any interruption.