best laser level

How do you set up a laser level?

Starting at the Johnson level, laser levels come in all sorts of different types. There are a variety of options for all different types of construction and home improvement projects.

Most modern laser levels come with red or green tinted glasses or goggles. They simply look outside the laser beam. Rotary laser levels are the best choice for an outdoor laser level.

Going to work at indoors? Drywall work may require dot laser levels or cross-line laser levels to show horizontal and vertical lines on each wall in an enclosed room.

best laser level

Here are some helpful guides on how to set up laser levels:

Finding theĀ best laser level isn’t easy.

How to set up a laser level

  • Set up the laser level on a tripod or flat surface.
  • If this is a manual level, you need to make sure the bubble vials is visible level. Find the small screws near the vial. Adjust the screws until the bubbles vials show level.
  • Turn on the laser level.
  • If this is a self-leveling model, allow it to self-level for a moment itself.
  • The units releases a laser showing level on a wall or across an outdoor workspace.
  • Laser detector can be used to intercept if there is no wall to ‘catch’ the laser.
  • Connect the detector to a measuring rod.
  • Adjust the detector above and below the rod until you hear the beeping. This means that the detector has detected the laser.
  • You have found the level. Secure the detector to the rod and make the necessary measurements.

best laser levelHow to set up a laser level outdoors

  • Place the tinted glasses/goggles that come with your laser level tool. You’ll need these to see the laser beam on the outdoor setting.
  • Place the laser level on a tripod and turn it on.
  • Aim the laser level where you want to take a reading. Once you find it, look the laser level into position.
  • Take the laser receiver to where you want to take a reading. Use the magnet that comes with the laser receiver or place it on a flat surface at the same height as the laser level. Here is a great way to use a second tripod.
  • Slowly move the laser receiver until the laser catches the beam from the level. When the beam is finding, lock the receiver into position or keep it steady.
  • Use the level and receiver to find the alignment or state of level that you want.