How 'Rich Snippets' Can Improve Your Web Traffic

How ‘Rich Snippets’ Can Improve Your Web Traffic

Google,, Bing, along with other search engines are always attempting to enrich user-experience. Rich snippets can raise your website’s functionality significantly in two important fashions, by raising visibility to the various search engines, enhancing CTR (click through rate) and developing greater profitability. They do that on two closely associated fronts.

Internet Search Engine Search Engine Pages

Increases ClickThrough-Rate

By giving users with SERPs that tend to be more applicable to the query, it makes it simpler to allow them to choose Increases ClickThrough-Ratethe website that appears to provide the advice that they would like. That may create a greater CTR, this means more targeted prospects arriving in your website.

Yet another value in this really is that users will commonly be much more open to conversion efforts following a favorable search experience.

Return-On-Investment Advancement

How challenging could it be to execute RDFa Rich Snippets?

It’s really no different for the reason that respect from any other mark-up language, while RDFa necessitates the usage of some particular arrangement. There are many ontologies designed for RDFa, nevertheless, where as various other mark-ups, microformats and like microdata tend to be more limited.

As an effect of the enlarged flexibility in ontologies, it is possible to categorize data in a much more significant manner, linking to references both off and on the net.

Somebody that’s already comfortable with HTML or XHTML can study the added requirements of RDFa execution relatively easily. Those who aren’t knowledgeable about coding with mark-up language, nevertheless, would be most readily useful served hiring an Search Engine Optimization professional knowledgeable about the procedure.

Very large websites, especially e-commerce websites, will generally be much more easily upgraded using a re-design, but smaller web sites can frequently be incrementally upgraded in the initial file set.


Using the enhanced relevancy of one’s pages to search queries, and higher visibility towards the various search engines, the advantages of implementing RDFa rich snippets ought to be apparent. Use of RDFa improved by 510% throughout 2010, which makes it the fastest growing mark-up language.

The improved Return On Investment and increased CTR make the choice to update even easier. Execution of the technology leads to gains for the internet search engine, your user and also the site owner.

Rich snippets bring your website’s offering living within the SERPs (search engine results pages), by supplying users with a whole lot more details to assist in choosing your website from among others. Additionally they bring more attention, and help raise your CTR (click through rate).

Semantic Search Engine Optimization experts integrate rich snippets to the SERPs, using RDFa, microformats or microdata technology, which includes the extra advantage of supplying the search engines more info where to judge your website’s relevancy to some search query.

Alas, most webmasters are new to this technology, which will be fast becoming the most powerful way of raising visibility and CTR. Consequently, a capable Semantic Search Engine Optimization specialist may be the greatest path for that execution of the technology.