What is the spotlight

How to use a spotlight in stage lighting

What is the spotlight?

Spotlight is a powerful stage lighting instrument. It is a device used to illuminate a specific area of stage, film, television, ballet and opera production. These lights are controlling by an operator. These lights enhanced the performance of those on the stage. These types of lights used in concerts, large-scale presentations. The lights are also used on catwalks. In circus and sports, lights are arranging around the facility covering both sides and the ends.

These brightest portable spotlights may be arranged in a variety of patterns for coverage. Let’s see how these lights are used in stage lighting.

Uses of stage lighting:

Uses of stage lightingStage lights are using in theater, dance and other performance arts. They are used not only in basic lighting but also in modern lighting can also include special effects, such as lasers and for machines. Those who work in stage lighting called lighting technicians. Crafting light is a performance-enhancing tool.

Lights allow us to see everything. These lights are allowing us to create a mood or craft an atmosphere.

Choose lighting what to use:

You can choose your lighting based on performance. Each type of lights performance has several simple principles, depending on its luminosity. First, decide what type of performance lighting you want to use. Because there are many types of lights on the market.

For instance, there should be plenty of front lighting to center the faces of the actors to suit the dialogue in the play. Body movement is important for dance. Lights from the sides are best illustrated by fluid movements. Use side light at different heights and angles.

Examine the venue, where the lights located:

Examine the venue, where the lights locatedLook at the size of the venue’s (space) and where to place the lights. Lighting can be placed on the floor, in stands or on the sides of a vertical pipe.

Use an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight (ERS)

Use these lights for illuminating a single subject, such as an actor’s face or another thing. These spotlights create a sharp, focused beam of light. These are stainless steel or glass discs, with patterns. Thus, you can put the lens on the back of the stage to project an image.

Use a fresnel light

Such lights are using to illuminate subjects and create strong shadows. These are softer than ERS. Fresnels are usually used to project shortly to medium distances.

Such lights are used on the stage for some other use as well.