Are you a wood artisan who works with wood and build furniture or do floor fitting? Then sander is essential for your project. The machine eliminates paint and varnish, trims the corners and edges to produce a smooth finish. Both amateur and professionals prefer orbital or palm sander depending on their requirements.

You have to remember that different sanders are available for specific tasks. The following article provides a comparative analysis of orbital-palm sanders, which are the two most commonly used machines today. Read on to know more.

What is an orbital sander?

It is a square-shaped sander that reaches the corners and flat edges of your piece of furniture.

What is a palm sander?

As the name suggests, it fits into your palm of your hand to produce effective results.

Differences Between Orbital-Palm machines

  • Orbitals are on the heavier side, and the Palm sander is lightweight and small.
  • The shape of the palm sander is rectangular, while the orbital machine is square.
  • Orbital suits large projects, and the Palm machine suits small projects.
  • Palm sanders are cost-effective than Orbital sanders.

Palm sanders

A combination of sandpapers on palm sanders offers a smooth, subtle finish by fine sanding. It is smaller and affordable than orbital. They work well for small DIY projects and are a perfect choice for those with a limited budget.

The machine produces great accuracy and does not leave any scratch marks like the orbital sander machine.


They are lightweight and comfortable, which provides an excellent grip for your work.


It has an in-built 2.0-amp motor, and if you need extra power, you have to pay for the requirement.

Dust Collection

They don’t have a dependable dust collection system and look for a machine with switches and filters to protect the device from debris.

Orbital Sander machine

It has a rotating sanding disc that could reach the rounded nook and corner with ease. You can choose the sanding pad size depending on your project. The most widely used dimension is known as quarter-sheet sander because of its size.

They tend to leave more swirl marks, which do not suit the furniture building process.

Power and Speed

In general, 10,000 orbits per minute is the standard power of the orbital sander.


You can choose the pistol-grip handles that help you to work with both hands.


You can fit any sandpaper that helps you cut down some costs you might incur.


The above-profiled article reviewed on Bob Smith Tools provides some comparative insights into the most commonly used models. Before purchasing, please do read these guidelines to figure out which type suits you the best.