PC Games - Best Sellers, Coming Soon & More

PC Games – Best Sellers, Coming Soon & More

If you are a gamer then the thirst to find an appropriate game according to your taste is a never-ending journey. Every time you find something new you are intrigued to find something better. And the hunt goes on and on until you find an equilibrium with something. But I’d rather say equilibrium is a myth. A gamer by heart never stops for games that are worthhunting something new and adventurous. To cater to the needs of such gamers different versions and levels of games are released at different points of time so you never really run out searching for games because there is always something new out there to feed the soul of a gamer. So here we are to talk about Cracked games PC and best sellers that are already lighting up the fire and those that are soon to be released. Well, if you are interested to know and explore more on this, search on to download game on your search engine. Getting back to where we left, here are a few PC games that are worth giving a try.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy

This pack is said to have the best of three GTA games that have ever been on release. The game is said to be flawless in all ways and is said to be one of the best! The users have rated it a 10/10 based on how perfect the game has been designed. Looks like this game is worth giving a try.

 Resident evil-7

I feel pretty elated to be talking about this because horror adventure games are the best things I have ever come world of terror and horroracross. I am sure a lot of you might like such a plotline as well. If at all you love such plotlines then I suggest you dive into this world of terror and horror without giving it a second thought.

The sims 4: Realm of magic:

The whole plotline of this game sounded somewhat relatable to Dumbledore and Harry potter. If you are someone that is fascinated by magical tales and plots similar to harry potter etc then this game is for you. This game speaks about a countryside town that might look pretty normal, but it has some secret portal unlocked and that is when the magical tale begins. Magical wind, wands, the floating world is sure to charm you and get you hooked. This will surely make you feel like you have entered into a new real-world of magic.

Other than these,

Here are a few other games that might be an add on to your game-list:

  • Battlefield-1
  • FIFA-15
  • Imperator: Rome
  • The sims 4- spooky stuff pack