Simple Guide to Paleo Protein Powder

Simple Guide to Paleo Protein Powder

Paleo protein powders can help supplement a healthy diet that may need protein and obtaining the nutrient can be difficult from food. Paleo is all about eating real food that will have a little processing as possible. This is to avoid the chemicals, preservatives, and refined sugar. To extract protein from the real foods, the manufacturers have to go through a certain amount of processing.

With most of the paleo protein powders consisting mainly of whey protein. It is a protein powder with several characteristics

  • It’s a dairy free and it is the first true paleo protein powder
  • It is made from pre-digested beef protein
  • Its source from hormone free and antibiotic free
  • It contains both complete and collagen proteins that are naturally found in beef
  • Collagen is essential for tissue regeneration and repair
  • It is sweetened and is very low in carbohydrate

How to choose the best protein powder for you

There are a variety of protein powders on the market like whey protein powder, egg white, soy, pea and brown rice. Some are more paleo depending on your health, sensitivities and wallet. Moreover, the source of the protein in the powder is often not the ingredient you should be concerned with the most.

  • Egg White Powder:

This is a nutrient-rich source of high-quality protein and contains no fats. Egg white powders rate of digestion is between fast digesting whey and slow digesting casein, which makes to drink after a workout.

  • Rice and Pea Powder:

Another paleo protein powder is rice and pea protein. They are combined to form a complete protein. This powder will provide little to no digestibility problems. The taste will give you a strange flavour at first then it will get used to the flavour. Rice and pea protein powders are dairy free.

  • Soy powder:

Soy powders are plant based and complete forms of proteins. They are dairy free protein powder after whey and casein .soy protein contains muscle-building amino acids as whey.

  • Hemp powder:

This is one of the best plant-based sources on the market. Hemp proteins are fast digestion rate. It is rich in fatty acids. These fats will help in balancing the hormone levels. Hemp protein is also high in fiber content. Hemp powder is not a complete protein and that should be combined with another protein source to obtain amino acids.

Paleo protein powder:

Simple Guide to Paleo Protein Powder

This powder contains both real food sources of carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates needs depend on how active you are. This supplement will combine sweet potato flour with egg protein for a little starch. A paleo diet limits your options of carbohydrate sources, so sweet potato is one of the best ways to get.

Those who need to gain muscle or lost weight may consider whey protein powder to help your goal. Paleo protein powder has in your life and what benefits you are seeking. The final choice depends on your lifestyle.