“We created a brand and an audience for ABC that they did not necessarily have before, which was a certain kind of woman,” Ms. Rhimes mentioned. “I actually keep in mind after we began, them saying that no lady goes to observe a lady who is that this ‘not nice’ and this sexually lively and this aggressive.

“I actually hate the phrase ‘smart, strong women,’ however the ‘smart, strong women’ factor actually exploded with the reveals we made,” she continued. “And people followed along in a way that felt really good for network television.”

In distinction along with her fellow tremendous producer Ryan Murphy, who had talks with Amazon and Fox, his studio on the time, earlier than he decamped to Netflix, Ms. Rhimes knew precisely the place she wished to attain her Shondaland dream: Netflix.

Mr. Sarandos was wanting to signal her not solely as a result of he was a fan of her work however due to one thing he observed in Netflix’s intently guarded information. “More than half” of Netflix’s 124 million paying subscribers have sampled one of many Shondaland reveals accessible on the streaming service, he mentioned in an interview.

As Ms. Rhimes works to develop her lineup, her manufacturing firm is on its solution to a brand new location: Raleigh Studios, in Hollywood, a couple of mile from the Netflix headquarters. While trying out the property, Ms. Rhimes and a gaggle of her Shondaland colleagues spent some time observing a framed {photograph} on the wall of the United Artists founders Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and D. W. Griffith. Given Ms. Rhimes’s ambitions for the corporate, which she sees as a 21st-century incarnation of that artist-driven studio, she thought of it a great portent.

“We have this whole dream,” she mentioned. “There’s going to be a row of offices, and we’re all going to be working on our scripts at the same time. And everyone is going to come out of their offices and scream about how bad their script is: ‘Does anyone know what I’m supposed to do for Act 5?’ And everyone is going to drink Scotch and then run back to work.”

“I don’t think that’s what’s actually going to happen,” Ms. Rhimes continued. “But it does feel really good to know that it does feel like a very United Artists, creative kind of place.”


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