The Types of Operating Systems Used For Dedicated Server Hosting

The Types of Operating Systems Used For Dedicated Server Hosting

Managing your website can be quite a big deal if you are planning to handle it all on your own; instead we would advise you to go for a Dedicated Server Hosting, which is secure, can provide you with robust hosting platform. You are the owner, and with a dedicated hosting you get to be the owner forever, as you get to choose your operating system.

It is the OS which rather works its wonders when it comes to pushing the demand of a dedicated server in the market, as here the owner gets the right to choose their own operating system, and also select the plans as per their requirement. Having said that, we did like to throw some more light on the Operating Systems that are exhibited by a dedicated cabling installation, the choice is between Linux and Windows.

Let us now look at each of the above mentioned OS for dedicated hosting separately:

  • Linux

This kind of server operates on a Linux Operating System, and is a free open source OS which is based on UNIX and is capable of supporting various hardware platforms. Being one of the most popular OS, Linux proves to be a strong competitor for Microsft’s Windows and Apple’s Mac. Since Linux is developed by an open community of developers hence it is donned with open source and thus is free of charge permanently. It is because of this feature that various types of distributions of Linux OS are available for the users to choose from, whichever suits them the best. Each of these distributions are tailor made, here are a few types:

  • Ubuntu – This form of distribution is the widely used one, and its main aim is to make Linux the most popular and readily available OS for the casual users.
  • Kubuntu – This distribution is almost the same like Ubuntu, with the difference being that they use different categories of file systems, rest of the functions are all the same, and like Ubuntu even Kubuntu is available for casual computer users
  • Debian – This distribution system is more complicated than Ubuntu and Kubuntu, and as it is complex it is not easily accessible to casual computers. This distribution system has the ability to be operated as a standard desktop OS, as well as an OS which is used to run the hosting servers.
  • Windows

For any small businesses or even for individuals the Windows would be an ideal entry level web hosting solution. The Dedicated Hosting of Windows offers high end enterprise processing power and which along with this feature is also affordable. Also with windows you can be rest assured of its superior grade performance, you get the control and the reliability too comes with most affordable plans of Windows, so for all those customers who are looking for Windows hosting for any and all types of Windows-based applications, you have an option here, and that is possible only when you choose a dedicated server to take care of your computer dealings.

After having read the types and we are sure by now you must have gathered some information on this subject, and if you are willing to look for an enterprise server provider then we have a good option for you here in the form of Psychz Networks, who provide you with variety in the OS like we just mentioned and is also plan proof. This means that Psychz is a firm that will provide you with choices in OS and also an additional feature of month to month contract. This means that you pay only for what you need, and in the future if you are looking for any kind of upgrade also then there would be no need for any negotiation.