After the wedding rituals, a significant aspect that completes a perfect marriage is choosing the best overseas honeymoon destination. The beautiful world has plenty of places for romantic getaways.

The following travel itinerary planner helps you to pick the right destination from around the world. Leave all your worries back and rejoice in the special moments with your better half. Read the holiday itinerary planner below to know more.


It is known as the paradise on Earth, which indeed makes your honeymoon happy. The place consists of mind-blowing valleys and waterfalls, and snow-covered mountains. The best time to visit is December – March.


The classic beaches make it a favorite honeymoon destination on your travel itinerary. The paradise has luxury hotels, blue seas, white sandy beaches, and pleasant weather kindle your inner romantic spirit.


Start your first vacation post-wedding at a place that consists of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, private huts, and islands. It is a perfect destination for an ideal romantic time. The right time to visit – November to April. Make sure to deliberate while drafting your travel itinerary planner.


It is the perfect tropical romantic getaway with your spouse. Travel through the lush green villages, curvy coastlines, and deep canopy to obtain a unique experience. The ideal time to visit is from April – October.


It is the favorite romantic destination for centuries. Gondola boat rides, historical buildings make it an unforgettable experience for the new weds. Be sure you consider it while creating your travel itinerary planner.


 ParisThe place is known for love and fashion. It is the destination that celebrates art, architecture, and food, which makes it an evergreen romantic getaway. Plan your trip from June – August to avoid any disappointments.


Visit this island country has several beach resorts and spots like the Great barrier reef, enthralling forests, and wineries make it an ideal holiday destination. Make your travel itinerary during the spring and autumn months of the year.

Apart from the above, Costa Rica, Cook Islands, Bahamas, Greece, Phuket, Hawaii, Lisbon, Sri Lanka, Peru, Caribbean Islands, Malaysia, and Thailand can be other best holiday itinerary planner options.


The above-profiled travel itinerary planner throws insights into a few top honeymoon destinations that serve as a handy guide for your romantic trip. Which is your top pick? After the pandemic, many countries strictly follow some guidelines, so make sure you browse through them before gearing up for the journey.