Mobility Impairment

What Are Mobility Problems?

One of the most common ones is mobility issues. This condition affects the muscles and the movement, so mobility problems are common. And because of this, the range from difficulty or painful walking to being unable to walk.

Mobility problems are a condition where a person has difficulty walking and moving normally. It can come at any age and can have a huge impact on one’s freedom. There are a variety of causes for mobility related issues. They can worsen if not treated appropriately for mobility problems.

Mobility ImpairmentA child may have trouble rolling over a bed, moving from one part of a crowded room to another, moving outdoors, or using a vehicle. The basis of all this is cerebral palsy. How much a person’s mobility is controlled depends on the severity of the cerebral palsy and its type. Treatments, therapies, therapeutic adaptive equipment, and other tools can provide greater mobility, and resulting in better quality of life.

Definition of mobility

Mobility problems indicate whether internal or external difficulties in getting around physically. The English words mobility and mobile are from the Latin word – that means “capable of movement”. Other terms used to address with mobility issues are ambulatory – which means that a person can walk when compared to someone confined to bed; and gait refers to a person’s characteristic gait. Abnormalities in the gait are part of the clinical assessment of mobility problems.

Description of mobility issues

Mobility issues are not the only issues that come with aging itself. Rather, they reflect the cumulative effects of other conditions. At the same time, this problem can become more common and severe in a person’s older age. Older people may have a variety of problems, such as walking, weakness in the legs, knees, or ankles. Difficulty in balance or coordination, pain in the joints or muscles that make walking difficulty, loss of visual acuity or proprioception, and difficulty in breathing.

Mobility Impairment

What can be cited as causes of mobility problems?

There are various factors that can affect a person’s mobility. These can be improved with the help of a Physiotherapist from

These are some of the common causes of mobility problems. These include:

  • Neurological conditions
  • Aging process
  • Obesity
  • Injury
  • Mental health disease

Other considerations

Inactivity tends also worsens chronic conditions such as diabetes, insomnia, chronic constipation and some forms of arthritis. Depression and other mental disorders are more common in older people with mobility problems.