What are the Acrylic Nail Supplies?

Are you loved to wear acrylic nails? Have you tried this before at beauty shop? Want to apply it again and again with various designs? Then you need to pay money for every time of applying acrylic nails right!! Don’t worry, why you didn’t do it by yourself at home? Are you interested in wearing and designing by yourself? Then simply buy the acrylic nail supplies to accomplish it.

There are plenty of styles and designs in making an acrylic nail, so if you’re doing it in your home, then you can save half of the money that you pay for salon shop.

What are the Acrylic Nail Supplies?

In order to apply the acrylic nails, you need to purchase many accessories to wear in your real nails. However, there are two options to buy needed accessories such as acrylic nail kit or buy acrylic nail supplies separately. You’re already familiar with the acrylic nail right!! So, it’s better to buy the acrylic nail supplies separately, because the acrylic nail kit contains only basic things.

Therefore, if you want to make advanced designs on your acrylic nails, then you have to buy the required accessories individually. But, at the same time, if you’re new to acrylic nail, then acrylic nail kit is best because it includes only basic things that are more enough to learn with a guide.

When you have decided to shop for acrylic nail accessories separately, then below are the acrylic nail supplies that you need to purchase and also the step by step procedure to apply acrylic nails.

Nail files:

Before applying acrylic nails on your real nail, you need to shorten your nails by using nail files.

Filling block:

After shortening your nails, use the white filling block to polish your nails.


Once your real nails are ready, apply a small amount of glue on the real nail and press the artificial nail on the finger tip.


There is a chance to lose the acrylic nail after finishing finger tip wearing. And, you need to remove glue and apply it again. At such a case, acetone used to remove glue easily from your original nail.

Liquid acrylic:

Now it’s a time to make a design on your acrylic nails. In order to design the nails, you need to buy liquid acrylic.


The brush comes under the designing part and which required for applying the acrylic liquid on the nails.

Acrylic powder:

Along with liquid acrylic, you also need to buy powder to make fine lines on the acrylic nails. Take acrylic liquid on the brush and then soak with powder and finally, apply on your nails.

Nail oil:

You need nail oil in the final step of designing your nails. Nail oil helps you to keep your nails flexible and also reduces the chances of getting cracks.

These are the basic acrylic nail supplies that required for applying the artificial nail to your original nails and designing them.