What are the treatments for lung cancer?

Prior to going with the treatments for lung cancer, Do you know what is lung cancer? Lung cancer is nothing but the growth of abnormal cells in one or both lungs. Uncontrolled growth of these abnormal cells usually forms in the air passing line and numerous cells cause lung’s ability to pass the bloodstream with air.

Based on sizes of abnormal cells, lung cancer is classified into two:

  • Small cell lung cancer
  • Non-Small cell lung cancer

Are you wants to what is small cell and non-small cell lung cancer? Read on!!

What is small cell lung cancer? 

It is so called because of the size of cancer-causing cells are small and can see those through a microscope. But, only fewer numbers people caused by these small cell lung cancer whereas other get affected Non-small cell lung cancer. It starts in nearby the chest and spread over the body.

What is Non-small cell lung cancer?

Almost every cancer patients affected by the non-small cell lung cancer where cells are big in size. Based on the cell counts and severity, it categorized in four stages:

  • When cancer present in lung and other parts remains unaffected, it’s the stage I
  • When cancer spread to nearby lungs such as chest, it’s the stage II
  • When cancer spread over to nearby organs such as the heart, it’s the stage III
  • When cancer continuing to spread remaining organs brain and liver, it’s the stage IV

Hence, treatments provided based on the stages of Non-small cell lung cancer.

What are the treatments for lung cancer?

Here are the main treatments for non-small cell lung cancer and a short explanation about treatment.

  • Radiation therapy
  • Chemotherapy
  • Surgery for lung cancer
  • Targeted therapy

Radiation therapy:

Radiations therapy is the primary treatment to destroy non-small cells, reduce cancer cells or get rid of symptoms. It uses external beam, internal and systematic radiation therapy to treat cancer causing cells. This treatment provided before another kind of treatment to reduce cancer cells and again used to stop the growth of lung cancer of non-small cells.


Chemotherapy is another kind of lung cancer treatment intended to slow the growth of non-small cells and even stops the growth too. Furthermore, assist patients to get rid of cancer symptom problems. This treatment includes pills and injection to slow or stops the growth of cancer causing cells and creams to cure symptoms on the skin.

Surgery for lung cancer:

No matter the patient suffered from small cell lung cancer or non-small cell lung cancer and stages of non-small cell lung cancer. It just removes all cancer causing cells from the body. Lobotomy, Pneumonectomy, Video-assisted thoracic surgery and Wedge resection and segmentectomy are four types of surgery for lung cancer.

Targeted therapy:

Targeted therapy is used with other lung cancer treatments such as radiation therapy, Chemotherapy, and like more or with some other therapies. Sometimes targeted therapy alone cures lung cancer throughout pills.