Mechatronics is a field that combines different types of engineering – electrical, computer, and mechanical. It also refers to the skillsets required in the modern, advanced automated manufacturing industry.

Mechatronics is the convergence of mechanics, electronics, and computing, whereby the professional creates simpler and smarter systems. It is the foundation for the anticipated growth in automation and manufacturing.

Mechatronics is synonymous with robotics and electromechanical engineering.

What does the Mechatronic Technician do?

  • The engineers have a strong foundation in both electrical and mechanical engineering. The technicians can work with both engineering teams.
  • They work in firms where it is necessary to design and maintain automatic equipment.
  • The professionals work with massive and smaller industrial robots, drones, design control systems for rides in the amusement parks, and prototype development.
  • The mechatronics engineers work for industries like aviation, defence, transport, manufacturing, mining, and robotics.

Workplace for Mechatronics Engineer

A Mechatronics Degree can lead to management positions. The workplace can be laboratories, processing plants, or engineering design offices.

Scope in diverse fields

The Mechatronics engineers’ areas of specializations can be cyber security, telecommunications, computer science, automotive engineering, robotics, and artificial intelligence. A brief look on the career scope is as follows,

Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics

The degree provides a strong technical foundation for robotics. The hands-on lab experience will prepare you to work with robotics in the medical and healthcare fields, and also in advanced manufacturing for the military.

Telecommunications and Information Services

The job roles can be high-voltage engineer, field or cable technician, networking technician, and many more. The job responsibilities include installing, maintaining, repairing mobile phones, computer networks, fibre-optic cables, and many more.

Biotechnology, Life Science, and Medical Equipment Design

The degree prepares you to design and build bio-inspired machines and medical devices that imitate the behaviour of humans, animals, and plants, which is known as bio-mimetic. The technical knowledge helps you to improve clinical equipment, surgical procedures, rehabilitation strategies, micro-implants, and more.

Transportation and Logistics

The mechatronics engineer work with custom-designed machines, computing infrastructure, complex transportation processes, and equipment, and more. The Mechatronics degree provides you with a comprehensive knowledge to keep large companies running and delivering customer satisfaction.

Security and Defence

Experts predict that the majority of military ground troops will be robotic in the future, so the need for professionals with a Mechatronics Degree increases. The engineer is responsible for designing, construction, alteration, testing, and maintenance of new robotic and drone technologies.

The career scope for mechatronics is extensive, brighter, and promising.

The job titles

The specialists may use the following job titles:

  • Automotive/Automation Engineer
  • Robotics Engineer/Technician
  • Control System/Troubleshooting Engineer
  • Software Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Service Engineer
  • Instrumentation Engineer
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Data Scientist and many more


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