easiest way to clean a fish tank

What is the easiest way to clean a fish tank?

When you have set an aquarium in your home or office, it is mandatory to clean them regularly before the water turns mossy green color and starts developing bacteria that affect the health of fish. Often people found maintaining a fish tank a tedious job; considering the size of the tank, fish and its type, how often the water is polluted, your intimidations increase. But there is no longer necessary to complicate the project. Fish Information website offers the instruction of effectually cleaning your fish tank.

The easiest way to clean a fish tank is described below.

  1. Drain out 20-30% of the water from the fish tank:

Drain out 20-30% of the waterYes, you don’t have to drain entire water in the tank. When you had a fixed high-end filtering system, then draining off the tank wouldn’t be an intimidating or time-consuming task. In case, you haven’t fixed any high-end filtering system then the water can be drained using a dipper or a hose.
2.  Take your fish out of the tank:

Draining some water from the tank makes it easier to take out your fish. Make sure you aren’t hurting them while fishing them. Place them inside a basin of freshwater and never forget to cover its top since all the fish has the habit of jumping off the water. Closing the basin with a lightweight top would be an ideal option.

  1. 3. Take off the rocks, plants and other decorations inside your tank:

Empty all the aquarium decors you have in your fish tank for cleaning. Wash the artificial plants and pebbles properly. Try not to use harsh chemicals, using warm water is highly suggestible for cleaning purpose.

  1. Scrub your tank walls:

It is time to scrubbing the walls of your aquarium. Make sure you are scrubbing off with an algae wiper which paves a Wash the gravelway to remove algae deposited and gives better cleaning. It is highly advised not to use any chemicals while cleaning.

  1. Wash the gravel:

Now, clean the gravel inside your aquarium with your hand while the filter system on. Since it is where your fish’s poop goes and naturally lots of bacteria and algae settle down at the bottom of your aquarium, so make sure you give a good clean.

  1. Clean the filter system:

Now, take your filter system away from the tank and clean them with running water. Allow it dry for a few minutes.

Check the decors for damages, if any change them instantly. Reset your aquarium and enjoy the view.