What is the Installation Cost of Cork Flooring

What is the Installation Cost of Cork Flooring?

Prior to starting any installation material for flooring, it is best to know the cost of materials and installation process. Most of the people would like to floor their home using one of the hottest materials. If you’re one of them want to change your home to hottest trends, cork flooring is the right option for you. If you’re ready to install cork flooring, then before starting the process, find what is the installation cost of cork flooring? From that, you can save your bank balance.

What is the Installation Cost of Cork Flooring What is the installation cost of cork flooring?

The reason for why people prefer this cork flooring is it offers a top quality result as like as solid wood flooring. However, the cork flooring materials consume some more money due to its green materials. But, still, people compare the factor of sustainability of cork flooring with other flooring materials and stick on cork flooring only.

Do you want to know what the installation cost of cork flooring is? Then keep continuing to get the cost estimation of cork flooring. Below, I’m going to share you about the average price range of cork flooring, how much materials you need to buy and how to save money.

Average price range of cork flooring:

The average price range of cork flooring is from $3 to $8 per square foot, so the average price of cork flooring per square foot is about $5. Nowadays, cork flooring is available in a prefinished manner. At such a case, you need to pay some more money on the materials. However, there is another option to reduce the cost that is buying unfinished cork flooring materials where you need to pay only $2 to $3 per square foot.

When it comes to the cost of installing cork flooring, you need to spend only less than $1 per square foot. Thus, purchasing cork flooring materials itself you need to invest more money than other flooring materials, but the cost of installation is less than another flooring cost.

How much materials you need to buy? What is the Installation Cost of Cork Flooring

The amount of materials you need to buy depends on whether you’re doing it yourself or calling floor installing contractor to do it. If you’re decided to get help from flooring contractor, then they measure the length or width of the room, add some extra values and multiply the length by a width and tell the amount of required materials.

But, if you do it DIY method, then you can reduce some quantity of materials and cost. However, it is better to buy the extra quantity of materials to fill the holes, while installing it. For example, if the height and width of the room are 16 feet and 18 feet, then multiply these values and buy materials for 288 feet.

How to save money?

The only way to save money is consulting more contractors and discussing the cost of installation. Then, choose the contractor who charges less for installation and gives some offer.