A waste collection authority collects household waste. One needs to have a clear definition of the classification and exclusions of domestic waste. The authorities collect two types of recyclable waste from the rest of the domestic litter, depending on the regulations.

What is recyclable waste?

It is the reprocessing of the waste into new things, which reduces the use of raw materials needed.

The below-profiled article throws insights into waste types, which provides an idea for you to segregate them. It, in turn, helps the rubbish removal Crewe to collect your waste faster. Read on to know more.

Types of Rubbish

Recyclable Waste

These waste types are easily recyclable. It consists of household garbage like glass, paper, metal, cardboard, and food containers. Make sure you squeeze them before throwing them into the bin.

 Electrical Waste

It comprises devices like printers, AC’s, TV, telephones, vacuum cleaners, computers, and all others that contain a battery or power supply components. It contains toxic chemicals like mercury, lead, and cadmium that can harm both humans and the environment.

 Medical Waste

It comprises waste generated from hospitals, vet centers, and health care centers, which must be disposed of with care as they contain harmful chemicals.

 Hazardous Waste

It comprises waste generated from pesticides, pharma, weed killers, flammable liquids, paints, solvents, household chemicals, and aerosol cans.

 Green Waste

It is food or landscape waste that breaks down as time passes by under some favorable conditions.

 Demolition or Construction Waste

It comprises waste like bricks, roofing, concrete, plumbing fixtures, wood, ceiling tiles generated from construction and demolition projects.

 Types of Household Waste

 Solid Waste Types

  • Paper waste comprises packaging materials, newspapers, cardboards, and others. It is easily recycled and reused. Make sure you throw it into the recycle bin.
  • Metals and tins in the kitchen are easily recyclable.
  • The plastic waste consists of non-biodegradable products like jars, bags, containers, bottles. It easily recyclable, so make sure you don’t mix it with other regular litter.

 Liquid Waste

It consists of waste detergents, organic liquids, rainwater, and dirty water. It is of two types, namely point, and nonpoint source waste.

  • Point source includes produced liquid.
  • The nonpoint source comprises all-natural liquid types.

It is better to contact rubbish removal Crewe professionals to clear off the liquid waste properly.

 Organic Waste

 It is a common household waste that contains meat, manure, and garden waste. As time passes by, it transforms into organic manure. Organic waste produces methane, so it is better not to dispose of it with general waste. You can buy a green skin bag or garden bag to get rid of this litter type. It is even better to contact a rubbish removal Crewe to remove the organic rubbish.


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