Why is My Wi-Fi Not Working Properly

Why is My Wi-Fi Not Working Properly?

Why is my Wi-Fi not working properly? This is the question asked by many people who using Wi-Fi at their home or working for the organization. You know there are several factors can cause your Wi-Fi and stop working.

If you’re the one wondering about the problem with Wi-Fi, then exactly this is the right place to get more solutions for Wi-Fi not working issues.

Why is my Wi-Fi not working properly?

Why is My Wi-Fi Not Working Properly

Some people experience this problem on their laptop and it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi but it works well with Ethernet connection. Luckily, there are so many ways to rectify the problem with Wi-Fi. In this article, I’m going to give you few steps to clear issues and make it start to connect your laptop or computer.

Step #1: Turn on Wi-Fi

Is Wi-Fi not working problem on your laptop? Then check whether Wi-Fi button on your laptop is in ON or OFF, if you have a modern laptop. If it’s in OFF, then ON that button and make sure it by light indicator status.

Step #2: Enable the Wi-Fi connection

After that, make sure the Wi-Fi connection is not disabled by clicking

Start menu-> Network connection icon on right side-> click that icon

Check your wireless connection is listed in that menu or not. If Wi-Fi name is listed in that then makes sure it is enabled. Otherwise, right click on your wireless connection and click enable.


If the wireless network shows more than one router name, then ensure that you have selected the right one, because if you trying to connect with another router name, then it doesn’t connect due to its wrong security key.

Step #3: Reset your modem and router

Sometimes, modem and router encounter this problem when more than one computer or laptop connected to the same modem. To ensure this is not a problem, switch OFF the modem and router for 2 minutes. And then, reconnect the power and check the connection.

Step #4: System restore

You know some bad kind of software stops your Wi-Fi functionality. So, restore your system to its old position using “System Restore” point option. Simply follow the below clicks to do it.

Start-> type System Restore-> choose last restore point-> Click next and Follow the instruction

Step #5: Reinstall wireless device driver

One of the most common problems with Wi-Fi connection is corruption in the device driver and other issues with Wi-Fi drivers. Problems in Wi-Fi and device driver cause a problem with detecting Wi-Fi networks or wireless card.

So, make sure your system doesn’t have this problem by using the following steps.

  • Click start-> type device manager and click enter
  • Double click on the network adapters
  • Select your Wi-Fi network adapter and remove it
  • Restart your system and allow detecting Wi-Fi connection.

Still, the problem remains there, then simply reinstall Wi-Fi drivers.

These 5 simple steps help you to fix the problem with your Wi-Fi connection.